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Are you thinking of redoing the inside of your colour spot cafe? What are some of the most suitable hues for a cafe? Are you seeking for the perfect colour composition for your coffee shop colour design? Say no more – in this blog, we will lead you through the ultimate stages in selecting the best colour for your cafe – learn from this vibrant but minimalist café in Brussels. Say no more – in this blog, we will guide you through the final steps in choosing the perfect colour for your cafe.

What Are the Best Colors For A Bar?

The two-toned Buddy Buddy café in Brussels has nut-colored walls and bronze mirrors, and it is known for serving speciality coffee and nut butter that can be produced directly on the premises. This eatery applies principles from the field of colour psychology in an effort to entice visitors by employing muted tones that give the impression that the area is vibrantly coloured.

The Buddy Buddy café, which has an area of 70 square metres and was built by the Amsterdam firm HOP Architects, can be found on the ground floor of the Le Toison d’Or building, which was created by the town’s UN Studio. You may want to check at the following restaurant wall painting ideas: the ideal colours for a cafe are ones that have obvious lines dividing two vivid hues that contrast strongly with one another.

Buddy Buddy cafe in Brussels, designed by HOP

On the premises, the proprietors produce their very own special blend of nut butter, which can be ordered on toast or in combination with a variety of other components at the eatery. Their colour design for their coffee shop has inspired a great number of people to employ colour psychology to entice passing customers into their own coffee shops.

The designers decided to construct a two-tone interior in order to draw attention to the fact that Buddy Buddy is both a café and an atelier specialising in nut butters.

Buddy Buddy cafe in Brussels, designed by HOP

The curving counter and high sitting spaces that flank the back half of the home are finished in warm hues inspired from nuts, along with metallic pink paint. These elements line the remainder of the space. With only two basic hues, the region is being transformed into what seems to be a vibrantly coloured setting thanks to the colour composition.

The other half of the house, which is located closer to the window, has modest sitting spaces and is finished in colours that are warm and milky-white. These colours compliment the grey front of the building. There is little question that a restaurant would benefit greatly from using this colour scheme.

Buddy Buddy cafe in Brussels, designed by HOP

To provide a striking contrast, the two-tone effect is applied to all of the surfaces, including the walls, the floor, and the ceiling. Customers are encouraged to “wait, explore, loiter, go hunting, or snap pictures” in the “free zone” that HOP has designated at the intersection of the two colours, which is located in the middle of the café.

Cow-print tiles and Tetris-style orange furnishings

The use of these two hues together has created a colour scheme for the coffee shop that is eye-catching and easy to recall. Habitats of People (HOP), which stands for “The materialisation of the interior of Buddy Buddy plays a significant part in the design,” highlighted this aspect of the design. “Every small element inside the interior of Buddy Buddy has been well thought out, and it compliments the colourful personality of the proprietors as well as the delicious experience of their nut butters.”

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Buddy Buddy cafe in Brussels, designed by HOP

The floor and the service counter both have a colourful coating applied to them, while almost all of the mounted furniture in the café is made from specialised powder-coated metal components. This concept for painting the walls of a restaurant will motivate you to do the same, and you can use colour psychology to determine which colours work best in a restaurant setting.

Large bronze mirrors had been put in to create depth in the compact house.

Buddy Buddy cafe in Brussels, designed by HOP

The massive and weighty components that comprised the metal back wall’s construction were first manufactured in the Netherlands before being transported to the location where they were assembled by a crew of workers. There has never been an easier or more visually attractive way to develop restaurant colour schemes.

ByFutura, a branding company, was responsible for the creation of the whimsical and colourful illustrations that are featured on all of Buddy Buddy’s products, including their packaging and their equipment. If you are looking for the finest coffee shop colour design to turn your cafe into a bright environment, colour psychology is something that you should look into right away.

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Photography is by Michael Cerrone.

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