2023’s Best Bakery Interior Designs By Vancouver Interiors Studios

Are you looking for new bakery decorations ideas or bakery themed kitchen decor for your new business? Modern bakery designs have taken to many new levels and many businesses struggle to compete with them. Bakery shop interiors are no doubt an important part of your business if you’d like to attract more customers, and many cafe owners struggle to be innovative with their bakery decors.

Vancouver interiors studio Ste Marie has designed an artisanal flour store and bakery in town – and this is why it’s important you learn about it in 2023.

Flourist Bakery Ste Marie Art and Design

This New Bakery Decor

Ste Marie was enlisted by bakery and flour mill Florist to design their first location in town. In addition to the mill, the store consists of baking services, a cafeteria, and a house for workshops.

Florist is situated at 3433 Commercial St, in East Vancouver, an up-and-coming neighborhood in town. Encompassing 2,800 sq. ft (260 sq. meters), the bakery interiors are a heat, caramel-like color. Whether you’re looking for a bakery themed kitchen decor or warm tones of colors for your bakery decor, you should take note from this minimalistic design.

Flourist Bakery Ste Marie Art and Design

“We wanted the space to feel like standing in a wheat field on a perfect sunny day – a nice counterpoint to some of those grey Vancouver days,” said Craig Stanghetta of Ste Marie. Many owners find it tough to brainstorm new bakery decoration ideas, but you should figure out your theme first – what is it that you want to communicate to your audience when they first step in and see your bakery shop interiors.

“To pull it all off we incorporated a mix of a farmhouse sensibility and good Scandinavian design principles,” Florist added. “The outcome is a space that should look classic and current but also fresh and fun in the same breath.” Modern bakery designs attract more youngsters and it’s growing popularity these days.

Flourist Bakery Ste Marie Art and Design

Drawing from agrarian references, Ste Marie additionally designed the furnishings and fittings to take cues from the American Shaker motion.  The type, recognized for its simplicity, has developed into in style in the latest years with Neri&Hu, Jin Kuramoto, Torsten Sherwood, and Pinch all lately referencing the aesthetic. This modern bakery design could be what you need to increase the foot traffic of your bakery.

Simple wood chairs are used for the freestanding seats, whereas built-in seating is made with vast wood planks utilizing clear strains.

Minimalism: The Bakery Decor That Is Popular Everywhere

“Building off the Shaker principles and pastiche, the interior of the Mill and Bakery highlights abundance and warmth with a straightforward approach,” stated Ste Marie.

“A palette of malty tones taken from Flourist’s grains and pulses, enveloping the space like a field of wheat.”

Flourist Bakery Ste Marie Art and Design

The firm was established by Shira McDermott and Janna Bishop first as a mill, producing grains, flour, and beans from Canadian farmers, and promoting wholesale on-line. This warm monotone of bakery shop interiors design is something you’d want to keep in mind for your bakery decoration ideas.

“Florist brick and mortar locations are the next stages of our effort to disrupt the traditional and overly commodified food supply chain, which is particularly egregious in the grain, beans, and flour markets,” stated Florist.

Flourist Bakery Ste Marie Art and Design

In the entrance of the store window, a communal desk supplies house for Florist to show baking workshops within reach of passers-by. It is constructed as a freestanding sq. object and topped with a textured marble slab.

Built-in cabinets showcase the shop’s baked items, cookbooks, and different cooking equipment all through, alongside Shaker antiques and different memorabilia. The mill is situated on the again and is fronted by the glass so it’s also seen to prospects. Minimalistic and pleasing to the eye: this modern bakery design is doing it right by keeping things simple with their bakery decors.

Flourist Bakery Ste Marie Art and Design

In New York City, a cookie store by The New Design Project makes use of a lighter beige palette for its interiors.

Other bakeries embody a vivid pink store in Odessa, Ukraine, that’s meant to reference the color of bread, and a minimalist, industrial extension to historic property in Uruguay, by Pedro Livni Arquitecto. Designing your bakery shop interiors shouldn’t be complicated, and this modern bakery design shows exactly what you need for your next bakery decors.

Photography is by Conrad Brown.

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