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Our series continues – the best coffee shop design idea in 2023 – and this time we focus on Canada’s most popular, most aesthetic cafe found in Montreal. How to renovate your cafe floor plan and transform it into an aesthetic coffee shop? Whether you’re looking for coffee shop promotion ideas or converting your coffee bar and aesthetic interior designs to attract customers – look at one of the best aesthetic coffee shop design ideas in 2023 to learn how the popular coffee shops are doing it.

Small Coffee Bar Idea

Melk Cafe is an espresso store and cafe that has three places within the city.

Melk Cafe by La Firme

The spot occupies a triangular business space close to the town’s Chinese Quarter and enterprise district. Perfect for small coffee shop business.

“The original space was cramped,” mentioned La Firme founder Louis Beliveau. They were responsible for the remake of Melk Cafe. “A triangular floor plan with a curved wall and space tapering to two meters wide made for strict tolerances.” Starting a coffee shop business means you need to be flexible with the use of space. Your coffee shop design for small space needs to be aesthetic, sleek and eye-catching.

Melk Cafe by La Firme

The aesthetic coffee shop design opted to maintain the space comparatively open with none inside partitions. The cafe design showcases the ceilings and an extended glazed wall on the entrance, reasonably than calling consideration to its irregular plan that reduces in measurement dramatically.

Redesigning: Aesthetic Coffee Shop Design Concepts

Current particulars like concrete partitions and uncovered plumbing and pipes within the interiors. New additions corresponding to polished concrete flooring and built-in furnishings freshened the cafe corner – giving it a modern taste.

Melk Cafe by La Firme

Soft lighting, white ceramic tiles, and the use of wood stepped up the modern cafe design and gave it a light, friendly atmosphere, creating an aesthetic cafe corner.

“Our aesthetic approach emphasized the timelessness of raw materials within a limited palette,” Beliveau mentioned.

Melk Cafe by La Firme

Although the interiors of the coffee shop are needed to be sheltered from Canada’s chilly winter winds, the glazed higher parts allowed the insides to feel open and light-weight.

An extended counter allows space for taking orders, getting ready drinks, and storing items. This paired with the rest of the layout is no doubt one of the best coffee shop designs you can look to when you renovate for small coffee shop’s aesthetic interiors.

The remainder of the eatery is outfitted with cubicles of various sizes. Seating is constructed into them and permits the cafe to accommodate as much as 24 people. This aesthetic modern cafe design idea has definitely used space to its advantage to attract more customers.

Melk Cafe by La Firme

“The new Melk coffee bar was not only a design-thinking tightrope walk between necessity and aesthetics but a reminder of how much thought can go into aspects of design that people might overlook,” mentioned Beliveau.

“We decided to make the built-ins banquettes to minimize footprint and maximize the numbers of clients being able to sit down and have a snack,” he added.

Appareil Architecture colour-codes areas at CafesDesign cafe in Canada

The banquettes are raised on platforms above the bottom, making the tables bar-height. The tables are plywood with a laminated veneer colored pale inexperienced, which matches their painted metallic bases. This cute aesthetic cafe exterior makes opening a cafe business easier than ever.

Square white tiles spherical out the challenge, which clad the built-in seating, the counter, and the doorway.

Melk Cafe by La Firme

Canada is well-known for its meals and design-forward tasks. Other bars and eating places embrace Marcus on the Four Seasons resort, Falafel Yoni, Jack Rose, Vinvinvin, and Appareil Architecture’s vibrant CafesDesign. Opening a cafe and brainstorming for aesthetic cafe shop designs are hopefully made easier after you’ve looked at one of the most aesthetic coffee shop designs around.

Photography is by Ulysse Lemerise.

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