Russia’s Innovative and Trendy Cafe Designs

In a tiled café in Rostov-on-Don, Russian architect Eduard Eremchuk found a solution to the problem of confined space by using orange modular furniture on wheels, similar to the game Tetris.

And Y café may be found on a square in the city in the southern region of Russia, just next to the Don State Public Library. The operator of And Y café anticipated a high level of traffic all around the world due to the large number of educational institutions located all over the globe.

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Eremchuk devised a set of modular furniture blocks that had wheels on the base of each block so that they could accommodate a large number of people in a relatively small residence.

According to what he shared with Dezeen, “Tetris cubes, which are likewise transformable and incredibly mobile, served as inspiration for the designs of the furniture.”

“The space ended up being incredibly adaptable, and you can modify the way it’s organised on a daily basis.”

Delo is the name of a furniture company located in Rostov-on-Don that is responsible for the production of the mesh-made seats and stools that have geometric patterns.

A local manufacturing plant was responsible for creating a long table with rounded column supports that can accommodate a very large number of people.

Visitors to the restaurant may take a seat at the house windows at long tables that are furnished with chairs or tall stools. Every piece of furniture is executed in a single “energising” hue of orange, which is consistent throughout.

Eremchuk chose entirely unique tiles to use throughout the various surfaces of the café so that it would seem to be modelled by the architecture of a subway station.

In order to create a contrast with the white walls and grey tiles on the floor and flooring, the kitchen hatch is tiled in square, glossy, blue tiles.

In the restroom, patrons of the café are taken aback by the “unexpected cow pattern” of the wall-to-wall black and white tiles. This pattern gives the impression of a herd of cows.

Even the sink has been tiled with cow print, and two simple white faucets have been installed so that they protrude from the wacky wall.

Aside from a few potted plants placed at various locations around the home, the most prominent aesthetic element in the main area of the And Y café consists of screens that are mounted to the ceiling.

Eremchuk referred to the environment that was created by the displays as having a “very futuristic vibe.” The screens play “meditative movies of metropolitan cities, lifestyle, and nature with glitch filters.”

Previous work by the Russian architect includes designing an idea shop with pink fuzzy walls and a florists with a sci-fi interior that features a lighting ceiling. Both of these projects were carried out in other countries.

Photography is by Inna Kablukova.

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