The Minimalist Design Inspiration You Need from this Amsterdam Cafe

Because we like charming and delicious coffee shops, we are excited to introduce you to Lebkov and Sons Café – Restaurant in Amsterdam. The angular mass of Erick van Egeraat’s The Rock tower has been a head-turning addition to the skyline of Amsterdam’s southern Zuidas district ever since it was inaugurated in 2009. The building was designed by Dutch architect Erick van Egeraat. And now, the office drones that work in the neighborhood’s collection of multinational corporations and institutions have an equally distinctive watering hole to congregate at for a stylish bite to eat.

Studio Akkerhuis, based in Paris, has designed a concrete space that is styled as a domestic kitchen and living room for the new outpost of the popular local café chain Lebkov & Sons. The space’s open plan is filled with light and is demarcated into zones by the strategic placement of modular steel cubes that act as shelves and room dividers, communal tables, and long angular benches.
The crumpled creamy black and white crossed tessellation made of wooden panels engraved with light crosses serves as the base of the enormous coffee bar and open kitchen that serves as the focal point of the industrial-lite space. The Milan-based company Wood-Skin is responsible for creating this effect, which is reminiscent of an oversized Issey Miyake Baobao bag.

The products on the menu are straightforward, consisting of coffee, sandwiches, daily soups, cakes, and juices. Some of the most popular items on the menu are the Kenyan filtered Joe and a house-baked lemon poppy-seed cake.

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