Minimalist Coffee Shop Interior Design Ideas

By the year 2023, a significant number of coffeehouses will have remodelled their establishments’ interiors in accordance with the minimalist design aesthetic. Vinklu is a collaborative project that was created by Stefan Pavaluta. It explores a range of current architectural and interior design styles, including cafe architecture and cafe interior design. Vinklu designs are embodied in the project. When new owners of cafes explore how to create a cafe and how to redesign the store design for their cafe, one of the most important aspects they focus on is the cafe’s design.

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In this blog, we offer some of the cafe designer designs that have been created by Vinklu. These designs may provide you with some ideas on how to give your cafe business a more contemporary appearance in 2023.

Cafe Designs

In the design of this café, both of the existing entrances have been kept, and the facade has been transformed into a mediation feature. A wall that connects the exterior and the inside creates two distinct zones that are connected to one another. Because there is a path between them, the inside of the entryway is unobstructed and unrestricted. The ground degree is considered to be the entrance degree. The rooms turn into a pocket to the road.

The layout of your café is quite important in terms of making a good first impression. The gauge and the room section both contribute to the self-definition of the primary functions and the entrance. The reception desk, the espresso bar, and the rest of the equipment are all located in the first room, which is also the smallest. There is also storage behind the vintage bar and one with a degree above it, which is symbolised by the peak of the entrance tower, which is veneered with wooden panels. This concept for a coffee shop aims to provide chic interiors while maximising available storage space.

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His café design begins with two known conclusions: the opening to the road and the location of the elements. The final insertion is a typical practical component that joins the two regions that are included inside the cafe.

The common element right here is a straightforward sequence of frames, which continues a facade language and a few interior components specific to the Secession period, such as the plaques on the walls and the variable chromaticity between the finishes.

These frames connect the floor to the walls by plating the stone all the way up to the bar and giving the spaces in between them a standard finish. A series of panels painted in tonal hues is used to successfully mediate between the piece of the wall that is still there and the “new” feature that has been added.

The wall starts as a bar, then transitions into a part that acts as a divider between the main area and the restroom, and finally ends with a seat. There is a cluster of tables in the room’s centre, all of which face the area designated for use by the general public. The finishing of the walls and the ceiling are textured and neutral, quite similar to the appearance of the outside facade.

This is an excellent resource for prospective cafe proprietors who are just getting their feet wet and seeking for information on how to open a cafe. The straightforward interiors need for just little refurbishment, yet they provide a calm and open ambiance that perfectly captures the spirit of the most successful cafe concept ideas.

The chairs, tables, upholstery, and tops that make up the furniture are all manufactured specifically for this project by local craftspeople. The suggested brand is a vital aspect of the design course. These pictures should provide you with more knowledge on how to design the interiors of your cafe as well as design ideas for your cafe, regardless of whether you are planning a restoration or opening a new cafe in the year 2023.

Some cafe interiors and layouts to give you modern cafe theme ideas: 

We have compiled a list of six other bakery-cafes that provide sweet delights. These establishments have been created with cream interiors and minimalist style, and their candies are just as delicious as those sold in stores. If you are in the process of developing a business plan for a new bakery coffee shop or are looking for ideas for the logo of your coffee shop, we hope that by showcasing some of the most successful bakery cafes in the area, we can help shed some light on the ideas that have been floating around in your head.

BreadBlok by Commune, Santa Monica, California

BreadBlok bakery was constructed by Commune using several types of heat supply including plaster walls, limestone slabs, and terracotta tiles. The endeavour combines sandy tones, which are relevant to both its location in the seaside city of Santa Monica, California, in the United States of America, and the heritage of the owner, who is from Southern France. If you want your bakery cafe to have a cosy and uncluttered appearance, one of the goals of your coffee shop business plan should be to arrange all of the furnishings in colours and tones that are analogous to one another so that it will fit in with the overall concept.

Chip by The New Design Project, New York City, New York

Chip is a New York City-based business that sells cookies in addition to native studio. The New Design Project’s outpost in the city was created to fit in with the aesthetic of the West Village district. The interiors are almost entirely white, with the exception of accent hues described as “biscuit beiges and chocolate browns.” When selecting typefaces for your coffee shop logo, you should make sure that they either match with the font that is used on your coffee shop menus or seem to be anyway related to those fonts. Failing to do so might give the impression that your coffee shop is unprofessional.

Masa by Studio Cadena, Bogotá, Colombia

The expansive Masa bakery and café in Bogotá was designed by Studio Cadena, and it has textured concrete dividers both on the inside and the outside. The rough materials are softened by the use of wood-clad walls, cabinets, and chairs, as well as by the use of muted terrazzo flooring. In order to entice passing customers, this bakery cafe has put all of its wares out on display, which is a tactic that is often included in business strategies for coffee shops.

Florist by Ste Marie, Vancouver, Canada

Florist is a flour store and bakery located in Vancouver, British Columbia. The building was created by the local company Ste Marie. The walls, floors, and cushions are all a light colour, while the furniture are made of wood and fashioned after the American Shaker movement. This logo for the bakery cafe is done in a pleasant shade of beige, which is a hue that makes one feel welcome when one enters the establishment.

Gondodoce by Paulo Merlini, Gondomar, Portugal

This bakery is located on the outskirts of Porto, and it features a white roof that is wavy and wraps around the walls to create a lively atmosphere. The inside of the restaurant, which was designed by the Portuguese architect Paulo Merlini, is filled with hundreds of white tables and chairs that are arranged on top of light wood floors. This bakery café has a clean appearance that exemplifies what the terms “simplicity” and “minimalism” mean.

Juana Limón by Lucas y Hernández-Gil, Madrid, Spain

In designing the interiors of this bakery in Madrid, Lucas y Hernández-Gil drew inspiration from the hues of butter and wheat, which are both common ingredients in the preparation of sweet treats. The inside of the home is decorated with caramel-colored seats and yellow tiling.

Click on our more recent entries for a comprehensive guide on how to run your cafe, whether you’re honing the business strategy for your bakery cafe’s coffee shop or seeking for new methods to spruce up the interior of your bakery cafe.

What are some attractive and catchy cafe names to recommend?

Make sure you do some further research and check to see if there are any other coffee shops in the area. To get you started, here are some solid choices for names:

  • Urban Grind
  • Coffee Central
  • Coffee Time
  • Top Pot
  • Thinking Cup
  • Sit All Day Cafe
  • The Coffee Club
  • Ground Up Cafe
  • Elemental Coffee

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