5+ Neutral Paint Colors Ideas For Your Cafe

This article will focus on the most suitable neutral paint colours for use in the renovation of the interior of a coffee shop in the year 2023. Take a look at the way that interior designers are utilising this colour palette to create a neutral interior design that will give your company a modern appearance.

Best Neutral Colors Palette: What You Need To Take From This Designer

Multidisciplinary design studio Inside of this concept shop in Beirut, which has limewashed surfaces and simple concrete fixtures, Frama made an effort to create an atmosphere similar to that of a laid-back neighbourhood.

The Slow, which was once an old-fashioned café, is now home to a shop, restaurant, co-working space, and assembly room that is open to the community throughout the day. Locals are welcome to hang out in any of these areas. What sets it apart from other things? The neutral interior design that is easy on the eyes is the product of using the best neutral paint colors in a combination that was used to create it.

It can be found in Beirut’s Mar Mikhael neighbourhood, which is known for its high-end shopping and dining establishments, as well as its many art galleries and shops.

Frama chose a fabric and colour palette for the inside of the shop that they believed conveyed the laid-back atmosphere of the area and greater Beirut’s “energetic combination of old and modern.” The choice of neutral hues in the living room made the space seem lighter and more open; this is an aspect of your new neutral interior design that you should take into consideration.

According to Cassandra Bradfield, chief designer at the firm, who was interviewed by Dezeen, “while developing The Slow, the setting clearly gained influence on the design.” A minimalistic aesthetic was achieved across the whole space by the design team by repainting it in muted tones of the colour palette.

“I wanted to create an environment that was unobtrusive and laid-back, which is consistent with the ethos of the neighbourhood, but with some distinctive aspects.”

Best Neutral Paint Colors 2023: How You Should Design Your Cafe

The café is located towards the front of the business and has been outfitted with circular tables made of wood and mannequins of Frama’s Chair 01 in a jet-black finish. When your clients enter, a friendly atmosphere will be created throughout the entire dynamic by using these neutral colours for living rooms.

Customers have the option of sitting on comfortable stool seats that are situated all around a service counter that has a steel framework. In addition, casual reading nooks are formed by grey-cushioned bench chairs that are positioned beside the home’s windows.

The shop space can be reached by descending a short flight of stairs, and once there, you’ll find that the garments are prominently exhibited inside a tall shelving unit made of wood that has been pushed up against the wall.

The same emerald green cement that covers parts of the floor of the shop has been utilised right here to build hefty exhibition plinths and an integrated sofa. These are features that the studio believes will “achieve permanence to space.”

A Neutral Interior Design

A tiny changing room has also been created by mounting an off-white curtain on a circular monitor. This creates the illusion of more space.

A portion of open floor space can be found towards the back of the shop, and it has marble-topped tables and pendant lights with exposed bulbs.

A limewash with a beige tinge was used to cover the surfaces everywhere in the shop, with the exception of the meeting room, where the walls were left in an unfinished condition.

Frama, which has its headquarters in Copenhagen, also saw The Slow as an opportunity to integrate design details that they often need to forgo while operating on their own territory.

As stated by Bradfield, “the type of indoor-outdoor environment that works brilliantly in Beirut is created by a folding glass door that stays open to the courtyard for the majority of the year.” Such characteristics would not normally operate in a setting that is typical of the Nordic region.

The Slow is the most recent undertaking to be completed by the interiors-dedicated branch of Frama, which is also responsible for the production of minimalist furniture, homeware, and skincare products.

In the earlier part of this year, the studio was also responsible for developing the aesthetic of the Copenhagen restaurant Yaffa. The restaurant is meant to create the same vibe of a lively French bistro.

Now that you’ve seen how these best neutral paint colours may be used, you should make your way over to this neutral colour palette so you can build your own neutral home design utilising it. Visit our more recent posts on colour combination and how it may influence the flow of your customers if you would want to see more ideas like this that will inspire you.

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