All Things Green – Using Plants and Monochrome Colors For Your Cafe

There has been an increase in popularity in recent days for the usage of monochromatic designs with indoor plants for the purpose of designing cafes. This is due to the fact that these designs create a sleek appearance for any coffee shop. In this blog, we will walk you through the steps necessary to incorporate today’s popular concepts into the design of your coffee business.

What is the best color for the coffee shop interior in 2023?

The colour green is a good choice for restaurants and cafés. There are several interpretations that may be given to the colour green when it is used in interior design. It is sometimes used to symbolise nature, as well as freshness and development. It is also possible to see this hue in a tranquil light, which may help relax both the mind and the body. If you don’t want to paint the walls or the furniture green, the quickest and easiest approach to generate the “green mood” is to fill the space with as many indoor plants as possible.

What are the benefits of using plants to decorate your cafe interior?

Cafes might benefit from the addition of plants since they give the atmosphere a more earthy and breezy feel. They provide the inside of the coffee shop an atmosphere that is both soothing and conducive to healthy living. With the right room theme, you can simply utilise plants to decorate up your cafe to encourage people to come and snap images for social media platforms (free marketing!). The plant room style is now trendy on Tiktok, Tumblr, and Instagram. Plants are also a far more cost-effective kind of decoration than many other forms, such as neon lights, signs, and so on. Additionally, due to the fact that plants are known to create oxygen, they may aid to contribute to the improvement of the air quality in a café. You could even cultivate flowers or herbs that are edible in the coffee shop, and then use those flowers or herbs in the food that you prepare or the beverages that you decorate with them (these unique drinks and meals might become the hallmark dishes of your coffee shop!).

What are the disadvantages of using plants to decorate your cafe interior?

There are a number of positive aspects associated with decorating the inside of a coffee shop with plants, but there are also some negative aspects.

One of the potential drawbacks is that plants may be difficult to manage; for example, they might need to be pruned or watered on a regular basis. Try using fake plants as a solution if you are concerned about the upkeep of the plants, especially for those plants that are hanging on the corners of the ceilings that are difficult to reach. You should also take care not to include any houseplants in your arrangement that might be harmful to your dogs. Be careful to check out this list and see whether any of the plants you’ve selected might potentially harm the pets of your clients, such as dogs or cats.

What green color scheme looks good for coffee shops?

It is essential to take into consideration the colour schemes that complement one another while decorating a café with plants. Consideration should also be given to the functions that will be carried out inside the area. If the café is going to be utilised as a gathering place for customers, for instance, it may be better to go with neutral hues such as white or light brown when designing the interior. On the other hand, utilising brighter colours might be more attractive if the café is intended to be more of a relaxed setting where people can read or take a break from their job. In order to get the impact of branding, you might also utilise colour schemes that provide a striking contrast to the eye.

  • Because they are opposite one another on the colour wheel, blue and purple are ideal alternatives to choose when trying to get a green hue. This makes them complimentary and contributes to the establishment of an environment of harmony in any given location.
  • If you combine green with orange and green, you will end up with a hue that is cheery and pleasant. This is due to the fact that green and orange are the two hues that appear the most often in the visible spectrum. They are also known as complimentary colours, which means that when combined, they produce a hue that is more vibrant than each one of them would produce on its own.
  • The green and black space has an air of mystique and edginess, and it is packed with interesting personalities. Imagine an interior design inspired by the industrial or gothic styles and packed with plants.

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The well-liked neighbourhood café in Melbourne, Australia, was recently given a makeover by the Australian design company Biasol. The new design has monochrome tiling and lush green lighting throughout. In 2023, you should seek for designs for cafes that have an industrial aesthetic and are loaded with plants.

Over the last decade, Main Street has established itself as the go-to dining destination for locals living in the Mordialloc neighbourhood of Melbourne, serving a variety of foods that are inspired by cuisines from across the world in addition to espresso and drinks.

The all-day café, which had become visually unappealing over the course of time, was given a facelift thanks to the addition of Biasol to the team. Additionally, the operator of the business had high hopes that the recently renovated interiors would serve as a “token of thanks” to residents of the surrounding community who had been patronising Main Street ever since it opened for business. The uncluttered appearance of an industrial coffee shop design has piqued the interest of a large number of young people, including photographers seeking for a setting that is aesthetically pleasing.

According to the firm, “the design has to be informal and lively in order to effortlessly fit into the cityscape and suburb.” The design of industrial cafes is more popular than it has ever been; if you’re seeking for a stunning industrial design, this café might serve as a source of inspiration for you.

“We went to some of our favorite eateries in New York for inspiration, drawing ideas from their traditional, nostalgic aesthetic as well as their vibrant, trendy, and always welcome ambience.”

How would you describe the interior design of an industrial cafe? In order to delicately imitate the checkerboard flooring that is common in American eateries, the floor of the café has been tiled with black-and-white rectangular blocks that are arranged in a slanted configuration.

After that, tiles in the form of prisms were utilised to construct a faceted bar counter in a jade green colour.

Industrial Design: What Your Cafe Could Look Like

Simple bar stools upholstered in almost-black material from Danish manufacturer Kvadrat sit right in front of the entry to this industrial cafe’s interior, while vine crops flow down from a black-metal shelf unit that is hanging directly above.

This may also be used to display in a clear and obvious manner the drink bottles that are available at the café.

In keeping with the overall green colour scheme is a bench upholstered in emerald green that weaves its way around a perimeter wall. After that, thin tiles in shades of sage and forest green were put at the foot of each and every sitting and sales area. The use of cool hues throughout this cafe’s design creates a well-balanced composition that is far more pleasing to the eyes than its predecessor. well suited for use in industrial design.

The design team made the decision to take care of the exposed brick surfaces of the restaurant as well, and they did so by painting a thin layer of white paint over them.

“They show the fabric and history of the structure, reinforcing Main Street’s character as a long-standing neighbourhood attraction,” noted Biasol. “They are a beautiful addition to the building.”

Biasol was founded in 2012 and now operates out of the area of Cremorne, which is located just outside of the core business district of Melbourne.

The use of industrial cafe interior design as one of the main design strategies for achieving a sleek appearance in 2023 has been one of the more recent trends. Simply click on one of our more recent entries to see a continually updated list of the most effective colour combinations for your restaurant’s interior design.

Photography is by Jack Lovel.

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