Design Inspiration From A Small Ice Cream Shop in Melbourne

Customers can get a glimpse of gelato being made inside this ice cream shop design in Melbourne, which native studio Ewert Leaf has accomplished in shades of blue and pink. Sitting in this area will also make you feel like you’re tasting the best ice cream you’ll ever find.

Located inside a late 19th-century construction in the coastal suburb of Brighton, the 140-square-meter Little Sky gelateria has been designed by Ewert Leaf to show the artwork of ice-cream making and encourage social interplay. How do successful ice cream shops make it?

Running An Ice Cream Parlor Business: The Ice Cream Shop Design

Little Sky Gelateria by Ewert Leaf

A strong oak bench seat extends the size of the inside, topped with salmon-colored seat cushions and baby-pink terrazzo facet tables which have cherry-red bases. The use of color matching is crucial in any restaurant, including successful ice cream shops.

The best ice cream shops in the world have ice cream shop designs using colors that complement well with the theme of the shop: the vibrant colors of ice cream are certainly the reason to use blue and pink in your ice cream shop design.

The communal bench encourages clients to sit alongside every collectively and strike up conversations.

How should you run your ice cream parlor business? The adjoining service counter connects to the kitchen, which is wrapped by a joinery wall. Directly at the entrance is a row of stools the place clients can watch employees getting the best ice cream ready for them.

Little Sky Gelateria by Ewert Leaf

To encourage customer engagement, the theatre of gelato is captured via a large open window that punctuates the kitchen joinery wall,” explained the studio. Running an ice cream parlor business is no easy task.

“Showcasing production was an integral part of the design brief, inspired by the clients’ studies in northern Italy and [Italians’] desire to share the gelato tradition.” Ice cream shop designs are therefore crucial as a part of selling products to your customers.

Little Sky Gelateria by Ewert Leaf

The studio has moreover restored the construction’s tough concrete flooring and brick surfaces, contrasting them in opposition to shiny fixtures corresponding to the swooping service counter which is clad in deep-blue tiles.

All of the gelateria’s joinery and furnishings were made particularly for the mission by a community of native producers.

Little Sky Gelateria by Ewert Leaf

The locally-made ethos even extends to smaller parts, corresponding to the pink-and-white ceramic bowls that are used to serve gelato in-house and the timber waffle-cone stands, which have been hand-crafted from off-cuts of the timber bench.

Little Sky Gelateria by Ewert Leaf

The studio mentioned that it thought about the environmental impression of every factor in the house, from the furnishings by way of to the packaging.

On occasion, the takeaway gelato cups are made out of recycled paper and a majority of the crystal glassware was salvaged from a neighborhood charity shop.

Your Ice Cream Shop Design: Instagrammable Interiors

Even the best ice cream shops in the world need to think about their ice cream shop designs carefully. “Attention to detail was achieved through the engagement of local artisans,”
 added the studio, “and implementing sustainable initiatives was key in ensuring that the business is run in the most environmentally responsible way possible.”

Little Sky Gelateria by Ewert Leaf

Other stand-out ice cream retailers embody Milk Train in London, which options cut-out clouds and pastel-blue partitions, and Mister in Vancouver, which is ready inside a previous warehouse and makes use of liquid nitrogen to make its choice of frozen treats.

Are you ready to take your ice cream business up a notch? What makes up a successful ice cream shop and what other ice cream shop designs are out there? Click on our more recent posts to find out the new ways how you should attract customers in 2023.

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