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How to redesign the arrangement of the counters in your coffee shop to emulate the classic cafe look and feel

This blog has a stunning design, and it will provide you with advice and suggestions for the most effective methods to attract consumers and develop an iconic cafe design that is modelled after the greatest minimalist coffee shop in Abu Dhabi. This contains cafe counter design plans that you may utilise for your own cafe renovation project if you so want.

Iconic Cafe: Coffee Counter Design

The inside of this café in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, has been given a facelift, and the most noticeable change is the addition of a gargantuan counter made of pink plaster.

The district of Al Tiwayyah in Al Ain is home to the restaurant and bar known as La Petite. For a number of years, people have made La Petite their go-to location for both dining and drinking.

Its appearance had become stale over time, which prompted the proprietors to make some changes to the menu and the visual identity of the business. In addition to a great number of other things, the proprietors of the coffee shop wanted coffee counter designs that would enhance the overall aesthetic of the establishment. The design company Bone was brought on board to completely redo the cafe’s interiors as part of the project.

La Petite cafe in Al Ain, designed by Bone

An huge serving counter that is coated with dusty-pink plaster currently serves as the focal point of the historically significant café, which has an area of 85 square metres. It is composed of two blocks of varying heights; the higher one hides the utilities that are located at the rear of the home, and the lower one is where the employees assemble the customers’ orders.

The layout of the cafe counter design is very different from what it used to be, and the cafe cash counter design was among the many pieces of furniture that used stainless steel, creating an overall sleeker and more minimalistic look. In the past, the cafe counter design layout was very different.

A row of earth-toned sitting pouffes can be seen directly at the entryway of the establishment. These pouffes make it possible for the lower block to serve as a location where customers may enjoy their beverages. In addition, a cushioned bench seat has been included into the larger block that has been constructed. The design of the coffee counter was constructed using the same material.

La Petite cafe in Al Ain, designed by Bone

According to what the firm shared with Dezeen, “We sought to accentuate the longitudinal character of the space by building a monolithic volume that acts as a working, serving, exhibition, table, and sitting surface — reinventing the classic coffee bar.” The inside of the café were moulded to be smooth and aesthetically pleasant by the stainless steel coffee counters.

“In order to prevent the volume from coming across as intrusive, the concept behind the design was to create a recessed block that serves both the barista and the consumer,” the team said further.

“The objective was to accomplish a natural contact between the consumer sat in front of the bar and the barista working behind the bar – where both eye levels met,” the author writes. This is how an iconic design for the inside of a café was created.

La Petite cafe in Al Ain, designed by Bone

There is more seating available on the alternate side of the café, which is the area where there is a white communal sofa that spans the length of a whole wall. The answer to your question as to whether or not you should include a commercial coffee counter that is constructed out of stainless steel is “yes.”

The material is able to resist a long-lasting period of time, which gives you less concerns for restoration. In addition, these cafe counter design ideas bring a polished aspect to the entire style of your coffee shop’s interiors, which may give your business a more professional appearance.

This derives its inspiration from the Arabic word majlis, which refers to a private lounge or reception room where guests are entertained, often resting on floor cushions that may be arranged around the space’s perimeter.

La Petite cafe in Al Ain, designed by Bone

Along with a few vases that are brimming with wildflowers, the interdisciplinary design company Frama contributed some blocky metal aspect tables and black-frame chairs that were utilised to spruce up the space.

Say no more, since this coffee counter design can be implemented into most purposes surrounding the equipment of your coffee shop. Whether you’re launching a cafe or seeking for new ideas for the design of coffee shops, this is a great option to consider.

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Minimalist Hoof Cafe: Coffee Counter Design

Surfaces all through have been washed with sandy-beige plaster, the color meant as a refined nod to Al Ain’s desert panorama.

La Petite cafe in Al Ain, designed by Bone

The glass doors that once served as the restaurant’s entrance have been replaced with glazed panels that stand 3.2 metres tall. These may be folded up like a concertina to open up the space to a gravelled outside patio that is furnished with fold-out wooden chairs for a more casual setting. The counter table, which is made of stainless steel, has a design that is complementary to the metal chairs and the general calm atmosphere of the space.

Customers also have the option of perching on high-back cushions that have been placed on the cafe’s stairs. These cushions are arranged such that the backs of the cushions face a coffee counter design that is extended across the area behind them.

La Petite cafe in Al Ain, designed by Bone

The most recent establishment that Bone has designed and built is a coffee shop known as La Petite. Bone is also responsible for the design of the inside of a restaurant known as Hoof that is located in Ras Al Khaimah.

The walls of this space are constructed out of sturdy plaster, and large steel sinks are fashioned to seem like troughs or stables for horses. This coffee shop layout features a counter design that adheres to the minimalist aesthetic, and it is my hope that it will provide you with additional insight on counter table designs that make use of stainless steel and cooperate with a variety of other materials when you are remodelling the interior of your coffee shop.

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Photography is by Oculis Project.

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Project credit:

Design: Bone
Contractor: Fusion
Custom mineral plaster finishes: Optimum Gulf
Interior architectural lighting: PSLab
Exterior lighting: Flos
Table lamps: In Common With
Door system: Oryx
Furniture: Gervasoni, Frama, Skargaarden, Ethnicraft

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