London’s Instagrammable Ice Cream Shop

This Instagram-friendly ice cream shop is located in the heart of London and was designed by the design company FormRoom. Some of the creative elements that were used include ceilings that resemble clouds and neon lettering.

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FormRoom, a design company headquartered in Shoreditch, was commissioned by Milk Train to create a space that would “cater mainly to [the brand’s] varied Instagram clientele.” This space is now located in the lively Covent Garden neighbourhood of central London.

Milk Train ice cream parlour, designed by FormRoom

It is the major retail house of the brand, which has become standard for its unusual ice cream options, and it may serve as a pattern for the design of all subsequent Milk Train branches. The brand is known for its crazy ice cream options. They have entirely phased out the use of pop-up food locations up to this point.

The operator of the studio noted that “the product itself has such a feeling of playful surrealism,” and that “the customer wanted to carry over that charm to the shop atmosphere.”

“Because this was their first permanent space, the design needed to be distinctive and replaceable throughout all four seasons. This would enable the brand interior to progress as rapidly as Instagram trends do,”

Milk Train ice cream parlour, designed by FormRoom

The interior design of the store was primarily influenced by the look of a classic British steam boiler, which was intended to be a play on the shop’s model identity.

When customers enter, they are presented with a menu that is displayed on blackboards in white block letters. These blackboards are designed to seem like the standard split-flap show boards that are seen at train stations and provide information about the departure times of trains.

Milk Train ice cream parlour, designed by FormRoom

The seating compartments, which are numbered like exercise platforms and finished in light blue leather, are a homage to the pastel colours prevalent throughout the feed of the popular Instagram account Accidentally Wes Anderson.

It has been printed on the shop flooring with the phrase “Mind the soften,” which is a play on Transport for London’s cautionary phrase “Mind the Gap.” The design studio hopes that this will encourage customers to interact with the photo-sharing app’s widely used hashtag “I Have This Thing With Floors.”

Milk Train ice cream parlour, designed by FormRoom

A row of arched frames, each of which is hung with a globe-shaped pendant light, runs down the middle of the main area where people congregate to eat and drink. As a result, two-dimensional cloud formations have been hung from the ceiling in order to imitate the steam that is released from the chimney of a medical office.

Ben Denzer pairs books with ice cream for summery pictures collection

In addition to this, panels of frosted glass have been installed on the entry façade of the shop. These panels are designed to seem like foggy windows and compliment the previous feature.

At addition, a neon signal and several fake bags have been placed in the back of the store.

Milk Train ice cream parlour, designed by FormRoom

Within the sphere of social media, ice cream is still often considered to be a preferred form of pleasure. Just this past summer, photographer Ben Denzer got a spike of followers on Instagram for his vivid photographs that offer frozen sweets mixed with visually beautiful book covers. These pictures were posted on Instagram.

The end of 2017 also saw the launch of an Instagrammable ice cream-themed museum in Miami. However, the organisers of the museum were subsequently fined when it was revealed that plastic remains of its sprinkle ball pit had littered nearby streets.

Photography is by Paul Lewis.

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