Meat And Cheese? – 3 Tips For Creative Cafe Interior Design Trends

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The studio claimed that as soon as customers approach the venue, their attention is quickly pulled to the many elements.

“A feeling of belonging is created by the singularity of the bespoke components, which have been built exclusively with the retail product as the primary emphasis. Every element of the design has a purpose and a tale to convey.

Interiors of Hunter & Co Deli in Melbourne, designed by Mim Design

Mim Design was responsible for the design of the eatery’s interiors of Melbourne’s Hunter & Co. Deli. Mim Design arranged the space in such a way as to facilitate the development and upkeep of strong connections between its staff and its clientele. To achieve this goal, they installed a large tiled cooking bench beside the counter. This bench serves as a location where customers are encouraged to sit down and learn more about the many types of food that are available.

A tasting area, where customers may sample the deli’s selection of wine and fruit, is also located on the mezzanine level, which looks down into the ground floor below.

Interiors of Hunter & Co Deli in Melbourne, designed by Mim Design

Fumitaka Suzuki designs a cheese tart store comprised of gleaming steel

The room’s limited square footage is balanced out by the presence of a mirrored wall at one of the room’s ends, which gives the impression that the space is much larger than it really is. The paint used is Naked Lady by Dulux.

The studio characterised one of its defining characteristics as “the split-level location came with complications.” “The limits imposed by the services and the structure helped to mandate the unique planning and commercial utilisation.”

Interiors of Hunter & Co Deli in Melbourne, designed by Mim Design

Mim Design was responsible for the design of the eatery’s interiors of Melbourne’s Hunter & Co. Deli.
“Working with local craftspeople resulted in a largely bespoke interior,” the studio said, “from the bench tops and faces to the hand-blown light fixtures.” “Not only was the whole stainless steel kitchen painstakingly measured, but it was also built locally. Instead of being utilised for storage, the mezzanine was converted into a wine room, which was given a homey atmosphere by having low ceilings and wall-to-wall wine racks installed throughout.

Photography by Peter Clarke.

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