JP Sears Coffee’s Hilarious Video That Went Viral

If you’ve been drinking coffee for more than a minute, you’ve probably witnessed the snobbery that takes place in coffee shops across the country every day. It is almost never committed by a true coffee connoisseur, but rather by someone who wants you to believe they are. It usually looks like this:

Unhappy coffee customer: Do you make pour-over coffee? What kind of beans are they? Are they ethically sourced? Do you know who the farmer was who grew this coffee? What are your preferred immersion brewing techniques? I’ve already had a honey-processed Guatemalan with 90 points; what should I drink next?

Sir, this is a Dunkin’ Donuts, says the barista, clearly perplexed and irritated.

Don’t get me wrong: there’s nothing wrong with asking about brewing methods or what beans are available at any of the fantastic local coffee shops that have sprung up since the third wave of coffee. There’s nothing wrong with wanting good, if not great, coffee. But when you make it about yourself, when you order as loudly as you can just to show you know something about coffee beyond “just black” or “two creamers, two sugars,” or when you put on an egocentric show at home after serving guests coffee… That irritates me.

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But when YouTube comedian JP Sears does it, it’s hilarious. Check out his most recent skit below, and remember that you can enjoy great coffee without being a jerk about it:

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