5 Tips To Find A Hotel or Hospitality Part Time Job – Must Read!

Your resume & a cover letter

The first opportunity you have to create a positive impression is with your curriculum vitae and cover letter. Spend some time making sure your resume is impressive.

  • Be sure to mention any past experience that you may have had that is relevant to the position that you are looking for as early as possible in your CV.
  • If you don’t have any prior experience, you should seek for methods to demonstrate that you are responsible and willing to pick up new abilities.
  • It is essential that, when applying for a job that has been posted online, you include the relevant key terms that have been outlined in the job description.

You might also conduct some research about the company for which you are seeking for a job and indicate in your cover letter the reasons why you would want to work there if you were hired. Share with us anything that you like about the location, as well as what makes you look forward to going to work there. Because a large number of cafes and restaurants in New Zealand are run by their owners or are operated as small businesses, taking the time to research and become familiar with the company’s operations will always be to your advantage during the job search process and will make a good first impression.

Keep your social media profiles clean

When reviewing your application for a job, the majority of companies will check into your social media sites. When looking for work, it is essential to maintain a social media presence that is free of inappropriate content and demonstrates that you can be trusted.

On public platforms, you should avoid being offensive or contentious.

Apply in person

These days, it will cost you a significant penny to post a job listing on the internet. A significant number of businesses look for potential workers via other channels, such as word of mouth and online forums.

It is usually ideal to drop your CV off at the café or restaurant that you are enthusiastic to work for and check if they have any openings. If they do, you will know that you have found the right place to work. In this manner, a possible employer would admire your initiative, and you may get a competitive advantage over the other candidates.

Be kind! When you go into management’s office with your resume, it will be easier for them to remember you and want to call you back if you have an upbeat and sociable demeanour. If you include an image of yourself on your curriculum vitae, the person reviewing it afterwards will find it easier to recall important details about you.

Be prepared for the interview & work trial

Your job application procedure will be complete after you have successfully completed the work trial and the interview. You need to make sure that you properly prepare, and that you bring your best performance.

You might prepare for the most popular interview questions by practising them, focusing on how you meet the criteria for the job, and most importantly, having confidence in yourself.

Always be prepared to demonstrate your abilities in a work setting throughout the interview. You could be requested to prepare some coffees, converse to customers, bring food to tables, or take precise orders from clients, depending on the position that you are looking for. Other possible responsibilities include running food to tables.

Hours and wages to expect

The majority of entry-level positions in the hospitality industry in New Zealand pay the minimum wage, and employers may be willing to give you anything from ten to twenty-five hours of work each week.

If you demonstrate to your employer that you have a positive attitude, that you are prepared to work hard, that you are a team player, and that you are flexible about the requirements of the company, most companies will be pleased to roster you for extra hours or negotiate your salary.

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