Cafe Shop Interior Design Ideas For Small Space (Trendy + Chic 2023)

This eatery in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood was designed by Common craft as a playful tribute to the proprietor’s grandmother.

Gertie is an all-day restaurant on the ground floor of a new three-story building in north Brooklyn. As a counter-service café, it covers 3,500 square feet (325 square meters) and seats 70 people.

The restaurant is owned and operated by New Yorker Nate Adler of the city’s bar Huertas, who named it after his Queens-born and raised grandmother.

Adler worked meticulously. Common craft was founded by Tony-Saba Shiber and Zach Cohen, who were previously known as Shiber Cohen Studios.

According to the mission description, the goal was to “create a warm, joyful space that reflects his grandmother’s colorful, eccentric, and playful style.”

As part of the mission, Common Craft also designed Gertie’s façade, which features patinated copper panels and large expanses of glazing that let in plenty of natural light.

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Inside, a key feature of the restaurant is a section of the ceiling that curves down towards the back of the space, where the long custom-made counter is located. The two parts are finished in a similar pale wood.

The bar also separates the kitchen from the main dining area and incorporates a concrete high.

Throughout the restaurant, the designers chose a mostly simple décor. The pale wooden flooring and white-painted partitions provide a minimal, vibrant aesthetic.

Rustic trying chairs with brown upholstered backs and seats, wooden or metal frames, and white tables are among the furniture options.

A wall mural by Lea Carey in lavender, orange, and peach tones adds a splash of colour. Other details include potted plants, flower vases, and copper lighting fixtures designed by Danish design firm Archival Studies.

Gertie also has a downstairs gathering and events area, as well as an outside patio with a mural of geese by local artist Sean Steed. There could be a “living room” with a document participant and books available for borrowing.

Local paintings are for sale, as are works by Brooklyn artist Andrea Smith.

“I’m excited for a new place in Brooklyn that transports you to the sunny coasts while highlighting the best of what New York has to offer,” Adler said.

Gertie is located in Williamsburg, which is known for its cafes, shops, and nightlife, as well as its quiet residential streets.

Other dining options in the area include Isaac-Beau Rae’s cocktail bar, Ennismore Design Studio’s Hoxton resort restaurant and lounge, and a café inside Celsious laundromat designed by Corinna and Theresa Williams.

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