2023’s Best 4 Coffee Grinders

What’s the difference between a manual coffee grinder and an espresso coffee grinder? A burr grinder. Where can you get more information on the differences, and what are they? In this piece, we will discuss the four greatest coffee grinders that you wish you had known about sooner, as well as where you can get them.

Choosing Your Best Coffee Grinder

To go this extra mile, you are going to need a coffee grinder designed specifically for espresso. In which case? You no longer have to deliberate about whether or not you need a manual coffee grinder. Let’s look into it, shall we?

To begin, let’s back up for just a moment. Blade grinders and burr grinders are the two types of coffee grinders that may be used for grinding espresso beans. These are not like your traditional manual coffee grinders in any way.

Got it? Now that we have everything out of the way, let’s check to see which computers various sources recommend. (Despite the fact that there are plenty of hip-looking and compact hand-cranked manual coffee grinders, such as the one seen in the picture to the right, none of these models came up in these research.) In the spirit of the current Kitchn style, we included some of our own unique touches on the finish as well.

1. Baratza Encore Coffee Grinder, $139

The Best Coffee Grinder, According to Wirecutter

According to the staff at Wirecutter, this burr grinder is capable of producing grinds that are more consistent than those produced by almost any other equipment that they tested. They liked that there was no learning curve involved in figuring out how to use it, that it had a rather modest footprint, that it was simple to clean, and that it was quite trustworthy. Because of this, we have included it in our list of contenders for the title of best coffee grinder for espresso. According to Wirecutter, it is able to produce a “serviceable shot” and will function with the vast majority of the filters that you have available to you. This is despite the fact that it is able to grind espresso to a level that would satisfy a really serious espresso coffee grinder.

Buy: Baratza Encore Coffee Grinder, $139

2. Krups Coffee and Spice Grinder, $20

The Best Blade-Style Coffee Grinder, According to Cook’s Illustrated

When it comes to burr grinders, Cook’s Illustrated also opted for the same Baratza Encore that Wirecutter recommended. In light of this, for the sake of this piece, we will concentrate our attention on the espresso coffee grinder that Cook’s Illustrated recommends for blades. They like this one the most during an earlier test, then they selected it once again, years later, when they were revising the post. They like the fact that the machine has a large transparent cover (so that those who drink espresso can see the process of grinding the beans) and that the button to grind the beans is located off to the side (as to not block the view). As a result of this, we have included it in our list of the best coffee grinders for espresso. The chamber in which the beans are ground is large enough to hold enough coffee beans to fill 10 cups. And since it is oval in shape, it is simple to load and empty the compartment, and there is no chance that any full beans will be left behind.

Buy: Krups Coffee and Spice Grinder, $20 at Crate & Barrel

3. OXO BREW Conical Burr Coffee Grinder, $100

The Best Coffee Grinder for Most People, According to Serious Eats

Our buddies over at Serious Eats took a practical approach and suggested espresso coffee grinders depending on the kind of consumer at hand. Even though they suggested one machine for serious coffee nerds (a Baratza, which does not seem to be in stock), and another machine for budget-conscious coffee nerds (the Baratza Encore), they said that this one would appeal to the most people all at once. (In addition, it is the budget pick from Wirecutter, for what the pricing is.) This is without a doubt one of the most efficient coffee grinders available for espresso. According to Serious Eats, the quality starts to decline when the price per unit is decreased below a certain point. Despite the fact that it is possible to unquestionably pay more, the value per unit is satisfactory. According to the editors, it’s perfect for anybody who wants more control and wants to experiment but doesn’t want to have to geek out too much about coffee science.

Buy: OXO BREW Conical Burr Coffee Grinder, $100

4. KRUPS Coffee Grinder with Scale, $114

The Bestselling Coffee Grinder on Amazon

On Amazon, the espresso coffee grinder that customers love the most has received positive feedback from more than 12,000 customers. It includes a large bean hopper that is capable of holding up to 14 ounces (an entire bag of beans) at a time. Moreover, it is simple to reload and takes care of a large portion of the necessary computations on its own. Simply pick the number of cups that you want to brew, and the Auto-Dose Grinder will consistently provide you with the appropriate amount of grinds. In addition to that, it has thirty different grind settings, ranging from coarse to positive. This is without a doubt the most suitable coffee grinder for making espresso.

Buy: KRUPS Coffee Grinder with Scale, $114

If we were forced to choose only one, we’d have to go with Serious Eats as our top pick. We are in perfect agreement that this OXO grinder is probably not for the individuals who are really passionate about coffee; but, for the majority of us who just want to brew fresh and tasty coffee at home, it is sufficient for our needs. And it will do it in the correct manner. It has been equipped with conical burr grinders made of stainless steel, 15 coarse settings (with micro settings in between them), as well as a substantially sized hopper and container for the ground coffee (the latter holds sufficient to brew as much as 12 cups).

Do you’ve got an espresso coffee grinder you’re keen on? Is it one in all these?

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