UAE’s Cool Earth Tone Minimalist Pallete – Top Cafe Interior Design Trends of 2023

In the year 2023, are you looking for a palette of earthy tones that are on the cooler side? Which earthy tones should you use to decorate the inside of your coffee shop so that it is more attractive to the consumers that frequent it? Read more in the blog about the greatest earth colour palette we have to provide in order to improve the aesthetics of your coffee shop and to enhance the design of your coffee shop.

Earth Tone Colors: The New Minimalism

This minimalist café in the United Arab Emirates was just finished by the design company Bone. It has sinks that give the impression that they are water troughs, and rustic plaster walls. A cool earth tone coffeehouse that exudes a calming and relaxing vibe is described here.

Hoof cafe designed by Bone

The inside of Hoof was designed by a young design company that has previously worked on another café in Dubai. The young design studio was commissioned to do so by three friends who have a passion for show jumping, horses, and speciality coffee. Hoof is located in Dubai. The hue of the beans complements the cool earth tone colours that are used throughout the café, which further enhances the experience of savouring a cup of espresso that is full of flavour.

The passion that customers have for horses was the impetus that led Bone Studio to investigate the simple architecture of horse stalls.

According to the design firm, “[A horse stall’s] simple form and dimensions serve to supply the horse with the minimum needs, no more and no less.” This coffee shop is known as a “earth tone café” because to the combination of the metallic sink, the floor, and the ceiling, all of which have hues inspired by natural earth tones.

Hoof cafe designed by Bone

This concept has been carried over into the cafe’s interior design, which is characterised by its spare decoration and the use of stainless steel and lime-washed components for the furniture.

Blocky hand-brushed metal countertops with cool earth tones have been broken up and rearranged in order to highlight various aspects of the coffee-making process.

In an effort to emulate the design of horse water troughs, narrow sinks have been outfitted with faucets made of stainless steel. These faucets are capable of serving both the baristas and the customers. At this earth tone café, the whole experience of a coffee lover is elevated thanks to the “earth” motif as well as the heady aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans.

Hoof cafe designed by Bone

The design company employed textured finishes all around the home in order to counteract the industrial vibe that was created by the metal. Warm hues and subdued tones were also used.

While the walls and ceiling are covered in a rustic clay-straw plaster, the perpendicular banquettes that are finished in lime that face each side of the bar offer a striking contrast.

The ground of the restaurant was finished using supplies that are more often used in outdoor settings, such as semi-exposed mixed concrete, which is a kind of decorative concrete. Other flooring options were wooden and tile. If you operate a coffee shop and want to go toward a more minimalist aesthetic, then this colour palette with earth tones is ideal for you.

Hoof cafe designed by Bone

As a kind of decoration, woven wool cushions made by the Swedish textile model Astrid have been dispersed over the various banquettes. The clay walls are also dotted with wall lights made of fluted glass and designed by the Lebanese brand PS Lab. These wall lights join the recessed spotlights designed by Flos that are spread across the ceiling.

An Earth Toned Cafe: Every Detail Counts

“[Hoof] immerses one in an environment that through its subtle spatial planning, minimalistic architecture, earthy materiality, and detailed construction techniques will make one feel familiar yet intrigued by the implicit yet bold reinterpretation of a horse stable,” added the studio. “[Hoof] immerses one in an environment that through its subtle spatial planning, minimalistic architecture, earthy materiality, and detailed construction techniques will make one feel like a horse stable.”

Hoof cafe designed by Bone

If you are searching for a colour palette that will compliment the entire design and experience of your cafe, the cool earth tones combined with the earth colour palette will be the new element in your design. You can also think of the earth colour palette as the new element in your design.

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