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Inside of this pink-hued Beijing coffee shop, the design company Office AIO has arranged the walls such that they frame vignettes of customers enjoying their hot beverages.

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Basic Coffee, which is located within a co-working space in Beijing’s Xian Yu Kou neighbourhood, was built by Office AIO, a Beijing-based firm, to emphasise the “orchestrated motions” of sipping espresso.

According to the definition provided by the studio, these framed images “show diverse movements done by all participants in the café, similar to a live commercial.”

“The suggestiveness in partly veiled actions of indulging in coffee, muted chatters, and sound and scents of coffeemaking enhance one’s interest and hunger,” says the author.

The coffee shop is thirty square metres in size, and its floor plan is designed in such a way as to boast a circular layout. At the core of the floor plan is a curved, blush-pink number where baristas prepare coffee orders.

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After that, sheets of perforated aluminium were stretched from the ceiling to wrap around the whole length, producing a short corridor through which customers walked to get their beverages.

The white metallic sheets also partly reveal customers who are seated at a wooden counter that extends from the interior most section of the ground plan to the outside most part of the building.

Cushioned stool seats held up by slender pink stems have been inserted below, and pendant lights in the shape of simple spheres hang from the ceiling.

One of the walls in the cafe has been completely backlit, creating a dramatic glow over a small opening in the central portion of the space where pour-over coffee is served. While the majority of the surfaces of the cafe have been roughly hewn with grey plaster, the other wall has been completely backlit.

Additionally, a large window that is interrupted in the building’s brick exterior provides a “exaggerated” view of the staff of Basic Coffee as they go about their daily business.


Tim Kwan and Isabelle Sun now serve as co-directors of the Office AIO, which began operations in 2014. This is not the first time that the firm has worked on a coffee shop; in 2016, it set up Big Small Coffee inside of a former hutong home in Beijing, covering the surfaces of the space with cork and white tiles.

In addition, the studio’s Bar Lotus effort was just recently recognised as the victor in the eating places and bar inside category of the 2019 Dezeen Awards.

The space, which functions as a coffee shop during the day and a cocktail bar in the evening, is characterised by having walls that are emerald green and a ceiling that has a ripple effect and is composed of rose-gold sheets of chrome steel.

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