Kids Will Love These Family-Friendly Cafe Designs

The concept for this children’s restaurant in Dalian, China, which was designed by Wutopia Lab, was first inspired by a depiction of a made-up fairy country.

According to Wutopia Lab, the 580-square-meter Lolly-Laputan cafe, which is described as “the first educational family restaurant in China,” features a number of learn-play areas as well as quirky decor particulars.

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“One morning while my daughter was drawing out her dream fairyland, I really wanted to make that dream come true so that more children could come and join in,” explained Yu Ting, the chief architect on the studio’s team. “I really wanted to make that dream come true so that more children could come and join in.”

On the outside of the building, the facade is covered with spherical panels made of aluminium that are perforated with holes. Some of them overlap one another to create “ripples” or to frame the many entrances to the building.

The spherical chamber that serves as the entry lobby has sitting areas that are encircled by what the architects and designers refer to as a “forest of lights.” The lights, which consist of one thousand acrylic tubes suspended in a ring-shaped structure, are meant to imitate the effect that daylight has when it is refracted through the thick layers of leaves that are found in a forest.

The adjacent major café has a mostly open-plan layout that revolves around a central area known as Cloudy Town. Cloudy Town is delineated by rows of undulating white acrylic panels that run across the ground and ceiling.

Kids have the opportunity to explore the “clouds” by running through them and finding secret treehouses, carousels, slides, and a ball pit as they go.

In addition, the landscape of Cloudy Town is littered with a series of house-shaped wooden structures, each of which has a small version of a kitchen and a grocery store playset.

White & The Bear kids’s restaurant has white surfaces and timber furnishings

The room’s outermost wall, which serves as a dining area’s perimeter lining, is covered in grey panels. It is outfitted with armchairs and bench seats that are upholstered in a material that has a light blue colour.

Younger visitors are accommodated in a setting that is less chaotic thanks to the presence of many enclosed, non-public places. These include a space designed in the manner of a gallery as well as a gabled building with an arched entry door.

The structure, which is known as the Golden Castle and can be reached through a short set of stairs, has a serene eating room that is equipped with a fire, fake candlelights, and shiny cutlery that are all sized appropriately for children.

A stage for the performances will be revealed behind a curtain made of velvet and purple fabric that will be lifted on the other side of the room. It now has wood flooring, neon lights, and an impressive crystal chandelier as its finishing touches.

The facilities have been ingeniously designed as well; the design of the women’ restroom is based on candy floss, while the design of the men’s restroom is inspired by space exploration.

Sneha Divias Atelier furthermore finished White & The Bear in August of this year. White & The Bear is a kids’s restaurant in Dubai that, as an alternative of the expected big colours, has been decked out in neutral tones that are suggested to stop younger company from being overstimulated.

Photography is by CreatAR Images.

Project credit:

Design agency: Wutopia Lab
Chief architect: Mim Erni, Yu Ting
Project architect: Shengrui Pu
Design crew: Mingshuai LI, Song Liu, Xueqin Jiang
Design guide: S5 Design
Light guide: Wuxi Huancheng Light Electricity Limited Company

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