How to Make Starbucks Dragon Drink Recipe (Refreshing & Tasty)

It is time to rectify the situation if you have never indulged in a Starbucks Dragon Drink before. The mango, dragon fruit, green coffee, and coconut milk that go into making up this dazzlingly rosy beverage provide a sweet, tropical flavour profile.

Doesn’t it just make your mouth water? You’ll learn all you need to know about the Dragon Drink, including how to create it at home, where it originated, and how it varies from the well-known Pink Drink. This homemade version of the Starbucks Dragon Drink is so simple to make, and you’re going to adore it!

What’s the Starbucks Dragon Drink?

If you were a part of the Starbucks community in 2016, you almost certainly came across the famed Pink Drink on more than one occasion. After some time had passed, in the year 2019, the Pink Drink was succeeded by the Dragon Drink, which is also a highly pink, creamy beverage that is quite popular. But can you tell me more about the Dragon Drink?

The Dragon Drink at Starbucks is a combination of the chain’s Mango Dragonfruit Refresher (shaken tea) with creamy coconut milk and freeze-dried pieces of dragon fruit. It is called the Dragon Drink. It is a sweet tropical drink with around 45 milligrammes of caffeine, which is approximately half of what you’d get in an average cup of coffee.

Since you now understand all there is to know about this beverage, why don’t you give it a try? You may be able to get it at your neighbourhood Starbucks, although not all of their stores have it, or you might give making one at home a go!

Homemade Starbucks Dragon Drink

There is a lot more to the Starbucks Dragon Drink than its clever moniker suggests. The combination of dragon fruit, mango, coconut milk, and green coffee makes for a scrumptious drink. When you create it at home, you have complete control over the ingredients, including the levels of sugar and caffeine.

Prep Time 4 mins

Shake Time 3 mins

Total Time 7 mins

Course Drinks

Cuisine American

Servings 1 drink(s)

Calories 150 kcal


  • Cocktail shaker
  • Tall glass


  • ¼ cup mango juice
  • ¼ cup white grape juice
  • 1 teaspoon dragon fruit powder or ½ cup fresh dragon fruit
  • 1 teaspoon green coffee extract or green coffee concentrate
  • 1 cup coconut milk
  • 2 cups regular ice cubes divided
  • Simple syrup or white sugar optional


  • In your cocktail shaker, combine all of the ingredients. Use 1 cup of ice cubes and add as much sugar or simple syrup as you’d like.
  • Shake to thoroughly mix and chill the drink. You want the powder and sugar to dissolve completely.
  • Fill your tall glass with the second cup of ice cubes. When your drink is thoroughly chilled, pour it through the strainer into the glass. If you’d like, you can add fresh chopped dragon fruit for a gourmet drink.
  • Enjoy your bright pink Dragon Drink!


You may create green coffee concentrate at home in the event that you do not have access to green coffee extract. You may also choose not to consume any green coffee at all, which will prevent you from consuming any caffeine.


Calories: 150kcal

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What’s the difference between the Pink Drink and the Dragon Drink?

The Pink Drink was the forerunner of the more recent drink known as the Dragon Drink. However, despite the fact that both beverages are a creamy pale pink in appearance, the tastes are very distinct from one another. The Pink Drink has a foundation of strawberry acai, whilst the Dragon Drink has mango as well as dragon fruit in it. Coconut milk, grape juice, and green coffee extract may be found in both of these beverages. Why not give each of them a go and see which one you like more?

Homemade Starbucks Pink Drink

Strawberry, acai, grape juice, and creamy coconut milk are the components that go into making the pink beverage. It does not include any dairy products whatsoever and is packed with intriguing tastes. You may try converting it into a home for a tasty and enjoyable snack.

Try this delicious recipe!

The Bottom Line

That wraps up all there is to know about the Starbucks Dragon Drink that any customer could ever want to know. We really hope that you will enjoy relaxing with this simple dish. Treat yourself to this luscious, fruity, and creamy dessert all during the warm summer months.

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