Black Rifle Coffee Company Now Holds The Official Guinness World Record!

We may all wish to break a Guinness World Record, but for the most part, we will have to live vicariously through those who are fortunate enough to hold such a prestigious title. That is, unless you are a member of the Black Rifle Coffee Club and have recently achieved your Guinness World Record dream.

Evan Hafer, CEO of Black Rifle Coffee Company, attempted to break the Guinness World Record for the largest virtual coffee hangout to date in November 2020. The video coffee event took place on November 7, 2020, and nearly doubled the goal of 500 attendees. As a result of the victory, Black Rifle Coffee Company now holds the official Guinness World Record for the most users in a virtual coffee gathering — ever.

While the majority of the team congratulated themselves on a job well done, Edwin Parnell determined that one victory was insufficient. Parnell is a former US Army Special Forces soldier who is now a certified Q Arabica grader and BRCC’s head coffee aficionado. The success of the virtual coffee conquest inspired Parnell to set his own record: to drink a single cup of coffee faster than anyone else in history.

“I love a challenge, and after participating in the world’s largest virtual coffee hangout, I knew I wanted to set a personal record for myself,” Parnell said. “This drinking challenge is right up my alley as someone who is deeply passionate about coffee, both working in the industry and as an avid connoisseur.” Parnell was deployed to Afghanistan at the time. Photo courtesy of Edwin Parnell.

A record of this magnitude is no easy feat to achieve, as it necessitates preparation, skill, and accuracy. To break this record, the competitor must finish the coffee in less than five seconds, the coffee must be at least 98 degrees, and the coffee must be consumed black. If an official adjudicator is not present at the time of the test, evidence, such as proof that all requirements were met, must be properly documented and submitted to the Guinness World Record for review.

“It’s ambitious, to be sure, but it’s also rewarding,” Parnell said. “I’m excited to put in the effort and walk away with my second Guinness World Record.” Parnell is a certified Q Arabica grader, making him one of the world’s most qualified coffee judges. Edwin Parnell provided the photo.

In the last couple of months, Parnell has trained with practice and precision, studying the tactics of Andre Ortolf, the current record holder for drinking the world’s fastest cup of coffee, who clocked in at an impressive 4.35 seconds. In fact, this is not the first Guinness World Record Ortolf has vanquished. He previously held the title for drinking 200 ml of mustard in 15 seconds, eating the most baby food in under 60 seconds, and even running 100 meters in ski boots the fastest. 

As of today, Parnell has attempted to break the record about 12 times, coming within a fraction of a second of Ortolf’s record of just over five seconds. With a little more practise and patience, it appears that BRCC will set its second Guinness World Record sooner than expected.

Do you think you have what it takes to break the current coffee record? Fill out the form below to be considered for the title. Apply here.

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