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Asketik, a design team from Russia, created a restaurant in Moscow that has bright white interiors contrasted with several indoor plants to make the space seem less like a business property.

Bloom-n-Brew is located in a former Soviet silk factory that was renovated by Asketik. Asketik was also in charge of the design of the brand’s identity, which included the creation of a new logo and a menu that included a type-based visual.

Bloom-n-brew by Asketik

The enticing scent that fills the air when freshly brewed coffee is prepared is the inspiration for the name of this coffee shop.

The residence is located in the Factoria Park neighbourhood of the Russian capital and has a total area of 1,238 square feet (115 square metres). It is distinguished by its high ceilings and the fact that it has very few walls inside.

Bloom-n-brew by Asketik

Large windows let a plenty of natural light into the space, which has a layout that separates areas for customers and baristas by using a variety of open and closed cabinets.

A harsh background is created with white walls, white ceilings, and light grey flooring. Exposed pipes that have been painted white further emphasise the starkness of the setting.

Bloom-n-brew by Asketik

Asketik told Dezeen that the history of the area served as the source of creativity for the design. “We intended to preserve this space’s historic industrial look as well as its original use.”

Ridged panels of pink steel seem all through Moscow’s Rare Pastrami Bar

The café is mellowed down by the presence of quite a few houseplants housed in terracotta pots as well as a variety of sitting areas. The dense vegetation emerges in the direction of the austere home.

Bloom-n-brew by Asketik

The square ground plan is organised around a central coffee room, which has four counters that are encased with powder-coated profiled sheeting. This kind of sheeting is often used for roofing and fencing.

There is a nook along the house windows that has a number of various high wooden desk designs positioned in it. Another high-top area has a range of barstools that were developed by Asketik and are equipped with convenient hooks.

Bloom-n-brew by Asketik

Maxim Maximov, a designer, was the first person to establish the company. He worked his way up from designing a single item to creating an entire collection. In addition, the cabinets manufactured by Asketik may be found at Bloom-n-Brew, along with a variety of other things.

There are white chairs with curved backs, black chairs with straight backs, and light oak seats and tables with round tops. These objects, which were designed by Delo Design of Saint Petersburg, create an impression that is both varied and cohesive.

Bloom-n-brew by Asketik

Both a glossy pink pastrami spot and a concrete-clad restaurant with a geometric facade, both designed by Crosby Studios, have just opened their doors amid Moscow’s thriving food and beverages scene.

Photography is by Mikhail Loskutov.

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